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Set of six Conan Doyle postcards

£4.50 per pack

featuring the following postcards...

Postcard 1

This postcard shows the Southsea seafront. The text on the back has been taken from a reliable source that Conan Doyle wrote in those days.

Postcard 2

This second postcard shows No. 1 Bush Villa - Southsea where Arthur Conan Doyle began his professional career as a GP in the summer of 1882.

Postcard 3

This third postcard shows Arthur Conan Doyle with his wife and cricket team in April 1884.

Postcard 4

This fourth postcard shows Arthur Conan Doyle’s wife, Louise Hawkins (known as Touie). It was during his time spent in Portsmouth as a doctor that Conan Doyle met and fell in love with her. They married at St Oswald’s church, Thornton in Lonsdale, in August 1885.

Postcard 5

This fifth postcard shows Arthur Conan Doyle second novel 'The Sign of Four' written in Portsmouth featuring Sherlock Holmes. Doyle wrote four novels and 56 stories starring the fictional detective.

Postcard 6

The sixth postcard and the last of the collection shows Arthur Conan Doyle’s first baby daughter Mary Louise who was born in February 1889.

On 24th June 2012, Portsmouth celebrated the 130th anniversary since Conan Doyle arrived in the city, devising a Sherlock Holmes Day and creating a set of six commemorative postcards. The text on the back is amalgamated from quotes sourced from Conan Doyle and paraphrased from the author.

“With its imperial associations, Southsea is a glorious place; Portsmouth a town where I know nobody, and nobody knows me...”

Now available at £4.50 per pack (including p&p) from Portsmouth City Council:

Please click on the link above and follow:

Miscellaneous > Conan Doyle > select ‘Arthur Conan Doyle postcards’

Please include the full postal address for delivery and email/telephone number.


A wide range of Sherlockian memorabilia is available from Portsmouth City Museum.

Now available from Portsmouth City Museum and the Visitor Information Centres, the A Study in Sherlock Exhibition Booklet is a perfect present for all occasions at the bargain price of only £3.50.






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