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Conan Doyle Virtual Trail

Use the clues to find out more about Arthur Conan Doyle, from his early life to his arrival in Southsea. Click on clue under each question to help you answer.  Keep a note of these answers.

Early Life

Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle was born on 22 May, sharing his birthday with many other famous people, but in which YEAR was he born?:
Clue 1

What was the address of the house in which Arthur was born?:
Clue 2

Using this information, find the location today - does the original building still exist?:
Clue 3

What type of building celebrates Conan Doyle in that location today?:
Clue 4

Arthur's father, Charles Altamont Doyle was an artist - what kind of things did he paint?:
Clue 5 and Clue 6

Which famous piece of Scottish palace architecture was Charles Doyle involved in designing?:
Clue 7 - find a picture of it using Google Images

Charles' father, Arthur's grandfather, John Doyle was also an artist, but what kind of drawings was he famous for?:
Clue 8
Which famous Duke appeared in one of John's sketches? (see lower down page of Clue 8)

What was the name of Arthur's mother, the wife of Charles Doyle?:
Clue 9
How many children did she and Charles have including Arthur? (see same page as Clue 9)

One of Arthur's earliest memories was the death of a close relative, but which one?:
Clue 10

Arthur was closest to his sister Connie and brother Innes - what were their full names?:
Clue 11

Find out the name of Connie's famous author husband and his most well-known fictional character:
Clue 12 and Clue 13

Which sport did Arthur, his brother-in-law and his brother-in-law's famous character share an interest in?:
Clue 14, Clue 15, Clue 16 and Clue 17

When Arthur left school he went to the University of Edinburgh - which subject did he study there?: Clue 18 and Clue 19

Arthur's favourite tutor at Edinburgh was a Joseph Bell - which famous Scots actor played Dr Bell in the BBC TV mini-series Murder Rooms: The Dark Beginnings of Sherlock Holmes?:
Clue 20

Arthur became Dr Bell's clerk in 1878 - which Edinburgh wife-murderer stated that 'Joe Bell' had helped successfully convict him?:
Clue 21

Arthur graduated in 1881, and first worked with his fellow student, George Budd - but where?:
Clue 22

Arthur arrived in Portsmouth in 1882 - where did he set up his first medical practice?:
Clue 23

Arthur met his first wife, Louisa Hawkins in Portsmouth - but how did they meet?:
Clue 24 and Clue 25

Arthur was fond of many sports - football being one of them.  However, doctors were thought too respectable to play this 'working class' game, but Arthur used a pseudonym or false name when he played for the team which would eventually be Portsmouth Football Club - what was that name?:
Clue 26

Which organisation, often thought of as a secret society, did Arthur join in 1887 while still in Southsea?:
Clue 27

Arthur was interested in mediums, seances and the spirit world from even before he lived in Southsea - what was the name of his friend and patient who introduced him to 'table turning'?: Clue 28

Arthur and Louisa had two children, a son, Kingsley and a daughter, the eldest, and the only one of the family to be born in Portsmouth; what was her name?:
Clue 29

Having left Southsea to become an eye specialist in London, Conan Doyle found his lack of patients was actually conducive to writing more short stories, and using his popular character Sherlock Holmes.  What was the name of the first short story featuring the great detective which was published in the Strand Magazine in July 1891?:
Clue 30

This trail can be added to - if you have links to share which trace Conan Doyle's life after he left Portsmouth, do let us know.




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